The 10,000 for 10 Challenge is more than Memories . . . Changing Lives.


"To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act."

- Anatole France -

  Kids girl



This rustic facility consists of tent-like hut dormitories, covered kitchen and dining area, fire pits, latrines which are cleaned twice a day and outside showers open to the sky.

Fire Pit


It only costs .40 cents to give!!

10,000 for 10 Challenge!!

True caring and compassion is ministering to widows and orphans.  We will serve formerly abused and abandoned Mexican children now living in orphanages and shelters.  It is called the Tent Village.  Below are pictures of Maneadero.  This is where we will spend our time bringing hope and encouragement to the un-encouraged. 

The door has opened for me to personally go and be an extension of thousands of people.  The 10,000 for 10 Challenge is a holistic way for many of you to be involved.  We are taking a team of 15 who will give their time, resources and experience.  You can join with us in spirit and a unified front in making a difference. Ultimately we would like to leave a one-room school room for them to use.

The Challenge is two-fold.

  1. I am personally asking you to participate.  Whether you do or not, I will never know.  There is no pressure whatsoever, just a great opportunity to collectively do something special.  Ten dollars, that’s all.  We have set up a number for you to “Text to Contribute.”  It will cost you .40 cents to complete the transaction.  The number to which to text: 48510 and put as the subject or keyword “MEXICOTRIP”. 

    For those of you outside the US, you can send the $10 dollars through PayPal.  Please click on this link and follow the prompts. If you don't have a PayPal account please click on the Continue link and proceed
  1. As I had shared before and many of you responded, “Do you want to use their social media influence to make a positive difference in the lives of others? No gain for you except for the satisfaction in knowing that you have blessed humanity at its most basic level. Stay tuned.  Collectively we can do something very special for a very remote village and a large group of orphans who need self-confidence and love.”  If you feel comfortable, please send the challenge out to your social media base.  Together we can extend this beautiful outreach to thousands of people.  And together, we can literally change the course of the lives of these beautiful children.

 Together we can help children achieve self-confidence, express their potential and understand God's love for them.

More than Memories…Changing Lives

We leave for this mission on January 4th and will return January 10th. After my return there will be lots of stories and pictures to share. Thank you in advance for your support. Glen



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